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Desert Bighorn Sheep

Private landowner tags in the mountains of West Texas
  • Pursue one of the most majestic animal that Texas has to offer
  • Over 32,000 acres in the Sierra Diablo Mountain Range holding the largest population of Desert Bighorn in the state!
  • Full service hunts with first class facilities and amenities
  • A continuing expanding water system on the ranch that the Bighorn heavily utilize during their rut
  • 100% success rate
  • Chose the Outfitters with the experience for your Texas Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt
  • Now booking for 2019 - Call today!
Texas Desert Bighorn Sheep

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Pick em out

Texas Desert Bighorn Sheep

Action shot

Texas Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Beautiful facilities

Texas Desert Bighorn; Trans Pecos

Potential for the future

Guest House

Guest House

Trans Pecos Guide Service, Bighorn

Road accessible and packing

West Texas Overlook

Facility overview

Sheep Peak

One of the many scenic views

Desert Bighorn, Trans Pecos Guide

The hike down


Comfortable living quarters

Great home cooking


Camaraderie at it's finest

TransPecosGuideService; Bighorn Ram

Just posing

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