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Choose Your Package!

Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts
  • Private landowner tags in the mountain range with the highest Desert Bighorn population in the state
Free Range West Texas Aoudad Hunts
  • Venture out to the rugged and remote mountains in West Texas and pursue one of the toughest animals Texas has to offer!
Desert Mule Deer
  •  Tens of thousands of acres of prime habitat for free ranging West Texas Mule Deer
West Texas Varmints
  • Full service day and night varmint hunts for bobcats, coyotes, fox, and more!
Aerial Hunts
  • Well over a hundred thousand acres for coyotes and feral hogs
  • Whether you need to add a speed goat to your collection or just expand your collection look no further.
  • Trophy, Management and Doe packages available
Weekend on the Ranch
  • Come out and enjoy beautiful West Texas Scenery
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